Ngundu Innovative Sex worker Maize business thrive

While others are crying during this indefinite lockdown due to restrictions imposed by the government this is not the case for Simbiso a sex worker from Ngundu Chivi south constituency.

She has established a thriving business of selling maize to villagers using her previous interactions with truck drivers

The mother of four gets her maize supply from as far as Karoi and the transporters who are her clients delivers to her .

Speaking to Space for Marginalised Groups in Diversity in ZimbabweTrust Simbiso said “my business is thriving l am now able to cater for my four children including my  sister and her three children”.

Simbiso’s life is significantly changing during this Covid 19 lockdown as she is no longer depend on money from sex work. She is now able to afford the ever sky rocketing basic commodities.

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