Space for marginalised Groups in Diversity in Zimbabwe Trust STATEMENT ON COSTS OF CONDOMS

SGDZT is an affiliate to Zimbabwe Sexworkers Alliance(ZIMSWA) and Global Network of Sexworkers project (NSWP) we are saying our country received Global fund to procure standardized condoms like panther and FC2 female condoms through USAID that are affordable and the elite people in towns and tertiary institutions do not want to use cheap condoms due to their myth and misconception.

Zimbabwe family planning council has created the flavored new blue gold condom that is affordable by everyone even a rural sexworkers are using it. If we use an expensive durex condom, it’s one’s choice but I am advocating for the Marginalized Groups to utilized the affordable blue gold condoms and FC2 condoms that are found in public places and our peer educators are distributing them day in day out and only people who cares about their lives are using it. Since the start of HIV and AIDS pandemic, people living with HIV and other faith based couples were using it when their wives are on their monthly period but they did not complain only those who are considering their leisure pleasure are DE-campaigning for the use. SGDZT as a marginalized organization we encourage people to take prevention as their priority, affordability, accessibility and accountability.

On availability panther condoms are found at many public places through ZNFPC as the distributor. accessibility: there are available and accessible without any cost

accountability: people are informed about the changes and the stock levels every quarter.

so we urge our Zimbabwean people to prioritize what is important and our last warning to those who cannot use public condoms let them buy, but for the Marginalized groups who cannot afford durex let’s continue to use panther condoms.

one scenario is if our government opt to buy flavored durex which are expensive how many of us are to get those condoms please don’t disadvantage the marginalized community

Chipiwa Mugabe

(Space for marginalised Groups in Diversity in Zimbabwe Trust SGDZT Director

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