Public lecture on Life skills

SGDZT executive director Chipiwa Mugabe conducted a public lecture on Life skills pertaining to HIV and Sexuality.This was during Masvingo Polytechnic orientation 20th January event for new students in the Department of Civil and Automotive Engineering.

The main goal was to sensitize lecturers and Students about the nexus between HIV and Sexuality on how they affect the economy with the main motto being stay healthy and graduate alive.

Students got to know the services being offered by various service providers for contraceptives, post-exposure prophylaxis PEP, and pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP.

The safe use of female and male condoms, flavored and unflavoured lubricants

250 students managed to attend and were impacted with life skills and techniques to survive in the ever-changing and challenging world.  This will go a long way in changing their behavior, values, and attitudes towards HIV, STIs, and other health concerns.


Speaking after the event Executive director Chipiwa Mugabe said “Sexuality is one of human growth and is the different pleasure and when you decide to have sex and not. Sexuality education is given according to age-appropriate and culturally relevant approaches to scientifically accurate, realistic, and non-judgemental information. we educate students on sexual components like sexual intimacy, sexual identity, sexual reproduction, and  sexualization.”


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