ON the 3rd of March 2022 marked an international sexworkers` rights day. As SGDZT in collaboration with AFRICAID Zvandiri Masvingo Province, we managed to commemorate international sexworker s’rights day in Masvingo province the main thrust was for the young sexworkers to understand the ILO agenda on labor rights on decent work as sex work is work and to strengthening the decriminalization of sex work through capacity building sexworkers who are already into sex work and not cohesion young people to be on sex work. Empowering young sexworkers to advocating for their unmet needs on the infringement of their rights,unpacking the laws that criminalizes sex work and scale up the lower level literacy of sex work amongst young sexworkers.

SGDZT Providing the sexworkers information about section 76 of Zimbabwean constitution that stress the importance of health care delivery for sexworkers,section 56 that speaks on Equality and non discrimination young sexworkers were complaining that the communities are still stigmatized and discriminated us .They complained about the effects of Covid-19 as restrictions and curfew reduces the nature of their clientele and the police officers were forced them to have sexual intercourse for them to be releases after they will be found on touchline after curfew hours .there were no outreaches activities from the PSZ and PSH who are KP friendly outreach services providers,more young sexworkers increased due to COVID-19 and the rate of Sexual gender based violence increased as a lot of young people engaged into sex work and there were competition between the young and experienced or mature sexworkers.
We have debate on Afro gazette that was announced by the government saying sexworkers are suppose to be counted as self-employed workers but who are we to be counted into that Zimstat we needed to be recognized,legalized and the decriminalization that the said sexworkers are the very people who spread covid-19 and HIV/AIDS should be abolished said the young sexworkers they raised the points that they needed the workshop on health rights and key population inclusion dialogue with law enforcement agencies,magistrate from regional courts and the lawyers to unpack what the law says in Zimbabwe .We end up having a drama on how clients and law enforcement agencies deprives the rights of sexworkers and on plenary we discussed possible solution and young sexworkers point out that we need sex work to be decriminalized as compared to legalization because decriminalization has a lot of benefits the intimacy Partner Violence can be reduced,the SGBV Can be done to males and females but in Zimbabwe women are the survivors of SGBV .they said we need road shows to educate community about the oldest profession sex work because our society is closed we are not expected to discuss sexual activities thus why sex work is not regarded as work because of our Afrocentric system .Let’s break the community silence on regarding sex work as work and give them information about the benefits sexwork provides to the country as a far as economic empowerment activities is concerned.On the issue of Afro gazette
Considering sex workers as ‘gainfully self-employed’ in a census alone is not enough.A lot needs to be done on the grass roots to make this old profession viable.As it stands today there are a lot of barriers in the sex worker’s way!
It was a day well spent.

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